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at chef-catered luxury villas in Greece.


Estia (Greek: Εστία /ˈɛstiə/) in ancient Greece is a virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture and the right order of domesticity. Estia was essential for warmth and food preparation, bearing an important significance in social life.


In modern times, Estia represents the house and the area of food preparation, both of which are sacred things in life that our team cares about.


We strive to offer you luxury accommodation, exclusive food and unique travel experiences in Greece. We're a bunch of travel enthusiasts and food lovers that care about what we do. Our experienced staff remain at the forefront of your journey to help you make this an unforgettable experience.


From tailored excursions, cooking classes and gourmet dining... to winery tours and culture visits, we make things happen.


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Chef-catered luxury villa rentals and concierge services in Greece