Cyclades, Greece

Known for its stunning beaches, its very remote location and its vibrant nightlife, Antiparos has become a common secret for all those that want to escape the crowds and try something new in Cyclades. Located just a few minutes away from Paros, literarily less than 1 mile across the bay from Pounda beach in Paros, Antiparos offers great food choices, a lively town centre at night and plenty of sunshine throughout the day!

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5 bedrooms

9-11 guests

5 bedrooms

10 guests

5 bedrooms

10 guests

7 bedrooms

14 guests

5 bedrooms

10 guests

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Travel Guide



White-washed, laid-back and elegant



On a private speedboat tour



The perfect excursion

Whatever the time of the day, you'll always find it relaxing to spend some time there. If you go early in the morning you'll be able to catch some of that beauty uninterrupted by the flocks of tourists and enjoy a good breakfast. During the evening, the crowd goes further north towards the restaurants and bars of the town.

Ideal for shopping and people-watching during early evening.

Small uninhabitated island, currently undergoing excavations with some artefacts exhibited in the archaeological museum in Paros' capital, Parikia. Despotiko can be the perfect retreat if you hire a private speedboat for a day out in the sea, exploring the small coves around it.

Ideal for swimming and a few moments of peacefulness.

Paros is just a short hop from Antiparos, and can be very entertaining for a day at the beach or a night out. There are plenty of sandy beaches in the east part of the islands, and Naoussa at night is perfect for those that want to enjoy some shopping, an upscale meal and some nice drinks.

Ideal for a curated private day tour.


Travel Guide



Hip and hidden


Panagia Faneromeni

Scenic and adventurous


Beach House

Cosmopolitan and laid-back

Known for its young hipster crowd, this beach is quiet and secluded. Although waters are mostly rocky and the sun goes down after 5pm, it's definitely worth a visit! There's also an organised beach very close to it.

Ideal for people watching and a loud upscale lunch.

The best and most remote beach around. Either a 15min ride from town or a short hop on a private speedboat. Explore the adventurous rock formations and the beautiful waters.

Ideal for a long day at the beach.

A relatively new addition, this beach bar is great for unwinding next to a fashionable crowd and some nice drinks. Ideal for renting a private bungalow for the day and enjoying a day at the beach. 

Ideal for chilling.



Travel Guide


Captain Pipinos

Seaside lunch


Lollo's Pizzeria

Trendy Italian crust


Klimataria grill-house

Traditional meat taverna

One of the most classic Greek tavernas on the islands that is very popular for a seaside lunch. Known for its fresh catch of fish and other Greek seafood, Pipinos is a must that can't be missed.

Ideal for traditional Greek lunch.

Delicious tasting Italian pizza that is by now a tradition in Antiparos. This dining spot right in front of the dock and a very good option for dinner. Especially if you want to end on a high note with a Nutella pizza! Reservations are a must.

Ideal for Italian bites.

Very traditional grill house which makes for a perfect post-beach lunch. Apart from great meat, Klimataria offers some daily home-cooked dishes. Just ask the waiters!

ideal for post-beach Greek lunch.


Vicky's Ice Cream

Homemade treats


Beach house

Hidden dinner retreat



Night out

Delicious and finger-licking ice cream. Vicky has been a renown figure of Antiparos ever since the 200s. You can also enjoy a sip of espresso to wash down the handmade ice cream bites.

Ideal for sweet tooths.

Nestled in a small cove near Soros beach, this low-key yet elegant spot is an all- day favourite.  The taverna at the top is ideal for some lunch bites or for a romantic dinner away from buzzing Chora. Reservations are a must.

Ideal for romantic dinner.

Loud music and after-hours dancing. Boogaloo is an essential part of the night in Antiparos with lots of people-watching and elegant drinks.

Ideal for loud nights.