Cyclades, Greece


Known for its rich food culture, its white-washed stone-walled houses and its sandy beaches, Paros offers one of the most authentic experiences in the Cyclades island complex. 


Located at the heart of the Aegean Sea, Paros enjoys a warm climate with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celcius and humidity less than 40% throughout the summer months from May to September. 


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6 bedrooms

10-12 guests

4 bedrooms

8 guests

5 bedrooms

10 guests

6 bedrooms

12-14 guests

4 bedrooms

8 guests


6 bedrooms

10-11 guests

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Vibrant and elegant nightlife

Laid-back and rustic

The perfect excursion

If you're after the more cosmopolitan allure of Paros then head north to Naoussa! The locals freshen up their white-washed buildings and shops just in time for the summer season, ready to welcome the crowds that flock the narrow streets of this labyrinth-like town in search of seafront tavernas, elegant retail shops and funky beats.

Albeit small, busy and a bit rustic, Parikia has been getting more beautiful as time goes by. Moments away from Paros' main port stands Ekatondapiliani church and small little alleys of this white-washed town. If you follow the path up to the Frankish castle, a good 7-min uphill road, you'll enjoy 360-degree views of the port. 

Just a 5-min boat ride from Pounda, Antiparos is the perfect excursion for a dinner or night out at the upscale bars, or a quick dip during the day. A destination on its own, Antiparos has been claimed as a quite smaller and more elegant version of Paros in recent years.


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Golden Coast

Long sandy dunes



Laid-back and classy


St Irene

Elegant French allure

A pair of long sandy beaches in the eastern part of Paros, provide multiple options or organised umbrella spots with beach bars and cafés coming aplenty.

Ideal for families and for those seeking to do some wind-surfing or other water sports.

Further away from the busy beaches of the north and east, Faragas is the best organised beach in the southern part of the island. Alyki is just a 5-min ride away for a tasty seafront lunch.

Ideal for those seeking to avoid the crowds.

St Irene is a nice small beach nestled in a covered spot on the west part of the island, offering a great setting with an upscale, super elegant beach house owned by French owners.

Ideal for sophisticated travellers and those seeking some privacy.



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Gourmet upscale dining



Elegant traditional seafood dining



Home-cooked delicacies

The most classic and classy dinner option in cosmopolitan Naousa, set just outside a cute church in the port. The ambience is amazing and the food -mainly seafood- is very sophisticated. Reservations are highly recommended.

Ideal for families and big groups that love good food.

An old time favourite in Paros, Mario gracefully blends tradition from its iconic landmark location, right in front of the docked boats in Naoussa, and creative cuisine the team has put together. A dinner just before sunset at Mario is a blessing indeed!

Ideal for seafood dinner.

Located in the busy narrow alleys of Naousa, Yemeni offers a home-cooked cuisine with a strong local flavour. Good reviews overall although the service can be a bit off at times. Reservations are highly recommended.

Ideal for Greek food.



Vibrant and elegant


To Mouragio

Laid-back and rustic


Sommaripa Consolato

The perfect drink

This upscale dining establisment offers a unique seating, with some tables next to the sea, and others in an adjacent outdoor patio. It offers a more elegant experience to the traditional taverna at reasonable prices. Try the fava and its octopus!

Ideal for big groups.

Located in the remote and quiet port of Alyki at the southern part of the island, Mouragio is the ideal place for fresh fish and seafood served by brothers Dimitris and George. Try getting a table right on the port's docking.

Ideal for a Greek taverna lunch.

Hidden away from all the buzz of Naousa's narrow paved streets, Sommaripa has been the perfect café overlooking the fishermen boats, the passersby and Naousa's north-facing port. Ask for some tasty bites as they serve good snacks!

Ideal for drinks.